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Procedure to Login to is an IP address used by various routers like Linksys as a gateway. Generally, it is one the common addresses which is used by various internet service providers to let the administrators set various settings of their routers and configure the network. It is used to manage other settings of the router too. One can change the security options or WLAN settings, WAN and LAN settings and manage many more settings to personalize the settings which suits their needs the best.


Steps to login to

As mentioned in the software of your router has provided you with various settings so that you can configure the system in the best possible way suitable to your needs. The access to managing the settings of your router is made available once you access the IP address So, there are certain steps to follow if you want to know how you can log in to

  1. Enter the IP address in the URL bar or address bar of the browser you have chosen to visit the login page.
  2. If by any mistake you are not able to access the IP address then there might be a certain error or the given address might not even be your router's IP address. Be sure to find the username assigned to your router.
  3. Once the above parts are done enter the IP address on the search bar of your browser and hit enter. You will be directed to an admin login page where you have to provide the username, password to login to the Admin page.
  4. Now here is one of the problems related to this i.e. forgetting the password or username and that which occurs many times. It is mainly resolved trough resolution processes which allow the person to solve the problem.
  5. If everything had gone smoothly without any error then you will be able to log into the administrator's panel where one can make many changes to configure their router.

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Garageband Latest Version APK Download

Garageband is one of the best music creation studio apps for the iOS device. Garageband has an awesome sound library that comprises many instruments such as guitar, preset for voice, drum, etc. Using these instruments, you can play, create and record music on your iOS device. Apple officially develops this app for Apple user only.

But now, the Garageband latest version is accessible to use for Android and PC platform too. So, if you are using an Android device and want to create own music, then you can get this app on your android device to make your own music, track. However, to get this app first, you will need to download the APK file and install. You can follow the instruction below, where I have highlighted the steps to download Garageband latest APK.


How to download Garageband latest APK

Here are the steps to download Garageband latest APK, so, have a look.

  1. First of all, check an Android version that you are using and verify, by going to setting option and open “About Phone.”
  2. After that, go to Google and search for the “Garageband latest APK.”
  3. Right after the search is completed, you will see many sites appearing on your screen.
  4. Now, what you need to do is that open any of the sites to download the “Garageband APK.”
  5. Then, now, you will see the “Garageband Latest APK” with download option below. Just tap on download option.
  6. As soon as you tap, there will be selecting Android version option. Now, simply select your android version and download the Garageband APK on your Android device.

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Reset Forgot Yahoo Mail Password

Did you overlook your Yahoo mail login secret word? May be somebody has changed your secret key without you knowing it or might be you can't recollect it. To recover access to your account, you need to take after the Yahoo mail secret key reset steps.

This procedure requires fundamentally two things ; account confirmation which demonstrates that you are the approved individual of the record and record get to.

The other possibility is that you have forgotten Yahoo password. It’s quite sure that you may have made several attempts to recover fogotten yahoo mail password and all your tricks failed to do so.


Strategies to Recover Forgot Yahoo Password

Several strategies are available to recover forgotten Yahoo password. But the users in large number are completely unaware of these techniques due to lack of technical know-how. Some of the strategies to recover Yahoo account password are mentioned below:

  1. With Yahoo Password Recovery Phone Number.
  2. With Yahoo Password Recovery Email Address.

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How Much Your Mobile App Costs

It will be difficult to determine the exact cost of building a software for your business. You know why? The time, information and processes required to set it up may vary as the project advances. You can plan an estimate budget however, this is what we’ll help you determine in this write-up. So whether you are launching a start-up business, you have an existing business or you want to present an internal product for your enterprise, we’ll help you determine the price range for your intended project app. You will be required to answer these questions in the bid to determine the cost of the software you intend to build.

What is the deadline for the project or software you want to build?

What is the maximum amount you can’t go beyond for producing this software?

How much will you have for marketing your product?

What ROI do you intend to get from it?

When is the exact time you want to launch your product?

The Exact Time It Will Take To Build Your Project

Since you will probably be paying for the hourly service of your software manufacturer, you need to know the total number of hours that will be required to carry your project from the idea state to a ready-to-use state. The total number of hours your project will need is dependent on its function, the tools that it will require, whether you want it to have a backend, whether you want it to have a customized or standard solution etc.

Let’s present you some scenarios:

Scenario 1:

If you want a simple app with simple graphics and basic tools that have about 10 types of data containing names, IDs, emails, comments, image, audio etc. And minimum input forms of 15-20 pages, some menus and a little backend update. This app will require about 200 hours to produce. If you wish to include a more solid backend, you will then be looking at about 400 hours for your product to be ready.

Scenario 2:

For more complex apps that will require about 40 pages/screens, about 20 data types, interactions with other social media platforms, a one user app with basic Create/Read/Update/Delete operations, you will need about 300-450 hours to get this done. If you intend to add backend operations, double this expected time.   

Scenario 3:
For even more complex apps, where you intend to personalize for different users like internal and external operators, have a location based system, an e-commerce phase, a payment system and a few enterprise solutions, this will need about 700 hours production time. And some 700 more hours for backend production.

Scenario 4:

For complex logic apps with big volumes of data, storage, security, processing on servers, scaling, complex servers, social networks, custom CRMs and ERP systems, this will need about a thousand hours plus extra 1000 hours for backend fittings. Testing hours will be 30% of the required hours for your project. And 10-15% of the hours for project management depending on the complexity of your project. These hours are estimates however, you will get more precise at the timings depending on the number of hours and consistency you put into studying your project.

Choose Expertise Over Cost

It always pays to compare costs and quotations from different producers. And they usually have their pros and cons. You should choose expertise over a cheaper hourly cost of of service. There usually exist a continuous discussion between the client and the software producer. Both parties should gain a mutual understanding of the exact need and function of the product. So take time to thoroughly sort this with your software producer. Time spent getting the exact direction for the project is never a waste.

Or else, you may have to go through the whole process again just after so much time have been taken to produce the product and it didn’t match your needs. Have a comprehensive documentation of your product agreed upon by both parties before the project deployment commences. This solves any misjudgements and misunderstandings between the two parties along the way. Remember, it pays to choose a professional service over a low-cost service! You will get your money’s worth eventually. Here are average hourly rates of software companies in some countries:

USA -: $40-130

Western Europe -: $30-80

Eastern Europe -: $25-45

Australia -: $30-70

Africa -: $15-25

India -: $10-35

Reducing Cost of Production

One, hire a professional team from the onset. This will save you the cost of running through the whole process again due to the inefficiency of the company you contracted your business to. Two, you don’t have to break your back on cost by having all the features for your app delivered all at once. Have the whole product feature set out all right. But break them into primarily needed and secondarily needed. Start with the primal ones and when you have made money from its first launch and use, you are now more financially buoyant to add the secondary features and even new ones. In any case, you’ll have to upgrade from time to time based on reviews and feedbacks from your users.

Three, cost usually increases at mid project development points when new information or unforeseen factors are introduced. Ensure you maximally decrease the occurrence of these extra costs by doing lots of research, ground works and documentations before the project starts at all. In conclusion, cost of maintenance of your software app will still continue long after your product has been launched. Your users will give feedback you want to incorporate and advancement in technology will necessitate upgrades too. So, keep a close relationship with your producer to keep your software app up and running and in good condition always. Ultimately, you’ll have your customers satisfied with your product and services. And a very user friendly app admired and loved by your users.


These hours are estimates however, you will get more precise at the timings depending
on the number of hours and consistency you put into studying your project.

Quotations From Different Producers

In any case, you'll have to upgrade from time to time based on reviews and feedbacks from your users. Three, cost usually increases at mid project development points when new information or unforeseen factors are introduced. Ensure you maximally decrease the occurrence of these extra costs by doing lots of research, ground works and documentations before the project starts at all.

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